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Step-by-step guide to booking onto the Tennis For Free session
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  • 08 July 2014 16:03
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Booking onto the Tennis For Free Session

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We've tried to make it as simple as possible to book onto the weekly Tennis For Free sessions.

The Tennis For Free sessions require you to 'book in' each member of your family wishing to attend the sessions. As these sessions are on every weekend, you're required to book in each week. 

Before you can book in for a Tennis For Free session, you'll first need to register an account on this website (a one time process). A step by step guide on doing that can be found here.

Once registered, booking in is a simple process, here's a step by step guide:

STEP 1 - Log in to your account

You can login to your account in the top right corner of the page via the login link, or, via the 'Tennis For Free Session' box on the left of the homepage.

STEP 2 - Book in yourself and other members of your family wishing to attend the next session

After logging in, you'll notice a box on the left side of the homepage has a countdown to the next Tennis For Free session. If you've got more than one person assigned to your account, you'll notice a dropdown box allowing you to choose who to book in. Simply use this dropdown to select the person you want to book in for the next session and click 'Book'. Repeat this process for each person you're wanting to book onto the sessions. Of course, if there's just you on the account, then you just need to click the 'book' button.

Step 3 - Check you've booked in everyone wishing to attend

Once you've booked in each family member wishing to attend the next session, just double check the names appear at the bottom on the box. You'll notice a red 'X' next to the names, you can click this if you you wish to cancel the persons booked place.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You're now booked onto the next Tennis For Free session. Just turn up at the session with each family member booked and a member of the TFF coaching team will check you in. Please remember you need to do this process each week you wish to attend.
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